A vibrant civic festival celebrating Minnesota,
and American History, Democracy and the U.S. Presidency 

Civic Fest Exhibitors

The White House - A unique 60” x 20” detail re-creation of the White House and its contents, previously exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution and Presidential Libraries.

Air Force One - Visitors tour a full-scale replica of the fuselage of Air Force One and will have a keepsake photo opportunity.

Forgotten Founders - Documents & Coins of Freedom - The stories of the four Presidents of the Continental Congress and the 10 Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled before George Washington’s inauguration. told through documents and artifacts. Stan Klos Exhibit

Oval Office - A replica of the White House Oval Office; visitors sit behind the President’s desk, sign a bill into law and will have a souvenir photo opportunity.

Freedom Rising - A unique multimedia presentation developed by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Visitors learn the story of the Constitution and its impact from 1787 through today.

Founders Documents 1774 – 1790 - Articles of Confederation draft. a printing proof of the Declaration of Independence. the !784 Treaty of Paris signed by President Thomas Mifflin and Rhode Island's 1787 front page printing of the Constitution. Stan Klos Exhibit

The Great Mississippi - A presentation highlighting the importance of the Mississippi River.

Innovation Minnesota - Celebrating Minnesota business. technology and invention: Betty Crocker. the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Scotch tape, Wheaties, Rollerblades. water skis, Dairy Queen, the pacemaker, sandpaper, open-heart surgery, Post -It notes, the jolly Green Giant and the Bundt pan.

Convention Floor - Re-created convention Floor with bunting. state stanchions and balloons features author book readings. Free road show appraisals of political memorabilia. and exhibit-related speakers.

Explore Minnesota’ s Great Outdoors - A multimedia exhibit showcasing Minnesota’s differing topographies and vast range of recreational opportunities, created in conjunction with the state’s Explore Minnesota tourism agency and MN DNR.

Minnesota Sports History - A timeline highlighting the amateurs. professionals. inventors and innovations that have played an important role in the state’s sports history.

Three Centuries of Political Memorabilia - Rare and authentic posters. buttons and other political memorabilia from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

A Salute to Minnesota’s Greatest Generation - Videos explore the lives and legacies of Minnesotans who grew up amid the Great Depression, came of age during WWII, and participated in the postwar boom.

America's First Ladies' Gowns - An exhibition of the formal gowns worn by first ladies.

Walleye School of Fish - A display of 4 'wooden walleyes created by young artists celebrates iconic artistic, recreational and cultural aspects of Minnesota life and history,

Minnesota - Minnesota history featuring: MN 150, the sesquicentennial celebration; Minnesota Quilts - the state's history in quilts; Minnesota s American Indian culture: Votes for Women -Minnesota's role in the suffrage movement, and the Minnesota State Fair 1854 - 2008.

Decision 2008 - Using historic and modern voting machines, visitors vote on the naming of a new eagle from the National Eagle Center.

Hail to the Chief - Visitors experience taking the Oath of Office and being sworn in as President, and will be captured on video.

Presidential Timeline - Interactive kiosks let visitors explore the twelve 20th-century Presidents through photographs. audio recordings and video.

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial - An interactive commemoration of the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln from the Abraham Lincoln residential Library and Museum.

Presidential Limousine - Two authentic Presidential limousine displayed with important historical documentation.

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