Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit

 Pennsylvania Society
Gold Medal Exhibit
Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos
Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge
2004 Pennsylvania Society Gold Medalist

1899 MISSION of the Pennsylvania Society

The Pennsylvania Society of New York was organized on April 25, 1899. Its specific objective as stated in its constitution is to:

“Cultivate social intercourse among its members, and to promote their best interest; to collect historical material relating to the State of Pennsylvania, and keep alive its memory in New York”

This exhibit includes three of the most significant historical documents to be fashioned in Pennsylvania; A Wet Ink Transfer of the Declaration of Independence, A 1781 Journal of Congress with a full printing of the Articles of Confederation and the 1st Public Printing of the U.S. Constitution.
The Pennsylvania Society, in its 106th year, is pleased to present a Klos Family exhibit of “historical material relating to the State of Pennsylvania” along with artifacts from twenty Pennsylvania Society Gold Medalists.


Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos
Eilleen E. Klos with the Wet Ink Transfer of the Declaration of Independence
at the 106th Pennsylvania Society Dinner, Waldorf=Astoria, New York.

Declaration of Independence – One of thirty-one known Wet Ink Transfers by William J. Stone by order of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and presented to patriots including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, Charles Carroll and Marquis de Lafayette in 1823.

U. S. Constitution – “Did Someone Leak the Constitution?” The first public printing by Robert Smith of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - September 18th, 1787.

Benjamin Franklin – 1787 Pennsylvania Society President on a Revolutionary War Land Grant for Donald’s Crossroads in Peters Township, Pennsylvania. The 1st Pennsylvania Society was formed to abolish Slavery but it was dissolved as it became a small and embattled group with no public support in 1833.

Tratado of Versallis – Portuguese copy, Treaty of Versailles dated November 6, 1919 that ended World War I.

William Waldorf Astor – Founder of The Pennsylvania Society’s host hotel, Waldorf=Astoria on an October 8, 1898 autograph letter signedWilliam Waldorf Astor tore down his mansion and had a luxurious hotel built in its place. His aunt, Caroline Astor, with whom he was feuding, responded by allowing her son, John Jacob Astor IV to tear down her mansion next door and replace it with the Astoria Hotel. The two cousins eventually settled their differences, and a hallway was built between the two hotels making them one common unit. It was agreed that the name of the new hotel would have an equal sign instead of a dash, symbolizing the equality of the two parent hotels.

Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos
Alexandra  and Mariesha Klos with the
Portuguese Copy of the Treaty of Versallis
at the 106th Pennsylvania Society Dinner, Waldorf=Astoria, New York.

GOLD Medalists: “to be awarded by the Society from time to such persons as it may wish to especially honor for Distinguish Achievement.”

Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos

Dwight D. Eisenhower1947 Pennsylvania Society Gold Medalist

First Inaugural Address
To my brother Arthur – A souvenir of January 20, 1953 – with affectionate regards, Dwight D. Eisenhower”

Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos
Mariesha Klos displaying  Horace Howard Furness
1st Pennsylvania Society 1909 Gold Medalist and Scholar
An April 1885 Quotation signed .

Andrew Carnegie - Pennsylvania Society 1911 Gold Medalist and Industrialist on a 1917 inscribed and autographed Carnegie Hero Fund Commission letter.

Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos
1911 Gold medalist

James M. Beck - Pennsylvania Society 1916 Gold Medalist and U. S. Congressman on an autographed and inscribed Book: The Constitution of the United States.

J.J. Jusserand - Pennsylvania Society 1917 Gold Medalist and French Ambassador to the United States on a autographed Book: With Americans of Past and Present Days.

Andrew W. Mellon - Pennsylvania Society 1923 Gold Medalist and Secretary of the US Treasury on a May 18, 1925 typed letter signed regarding a Coast Guard resignation.

Charles G. Dawes - Pennsylvania Society 1925 Gold Medalist and U. S. Vice President on an autographed and inscribed book: A Journal of the Great War.

Pennsylvania Society Gold Medal Exhibit - Stan Klos

Cyrus H.K. Curtis - Pennsylvania Society 1930 Gold Medalist and Publisher on an autographed and inscribed book: A Man from Maine.

W.W. Atterbury - Pennsylvania Society 1933 Gold Medalist and World War I Brigadier General on a February 9, 1931 typed letter signed, that gives a short summary of his remarkable career.

George Wharton Pepper - Pennsylvania Society 1939 Gold Medalist and Lawyer on an autographed and inscribed book: Philadelphia Lawyer: an autobiography.

Herbert C. Hoover - Pennsylvania Society 1940 Gold Medalist and U.S. President on a March 24, 1931 and September 14, 1940 typed letters signed concerning outstanding men and Wendell Wilkie.

George C. Marshall Pennsylvania Society 1944 Gold Medalist and Secretary of State March 31, 1949 on an autographed letter signed with a signed colored pencil sketch by illustrator Lenore Knight.


J. Edgar Hoover - Pennsylvania Society 1964 Gold Medalist and F.B.I. Director on a June 7, 1938 two page letter signed concerning the FBI budget and recommendations.

Fred Waring - Pennsylvania Society 1972 Gold Medalist and Entertainer on an autographed 8 X 10 black and white photograph.

Arnold Palmer - Pennsylvania Society 1972 Gold Medalist and Professional Golfer on a Christmas Card.

Mamie Doud Eisenhower - Pennsylvania Society 1974 Gold Medalist and First Lady a January 1, 1979 autographed note on an “Appreciation Card .

John Cardinal O'Connor - Pennsylvania Society 1986 Gold Medalist and Cardinal on an autographed and inscribed book: His Eminence and Hizzoner.

William H. Cosby, Jr. - Pennsylvania Society 1992 Gold Medalist and Comedian on an autographed and inscribed book: Fatherhood

George H. W. Bush - Pennsylvania Society 2003 Gold Medalist and U. S. President on an inscribed letter signed with a 1978 Bush Family Christmas Card.

Klos Family Exhibitors: Alexandra, Mariesha , Eilleen and Stan Klos at the 106th Pennsylvania Society Dinner, Waldorf=Astoria, New York.

Historic Exhibit Honoring Secretary Ridge Courtesy of: Stanley L. Klos
Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Stan Klos lecturing at the Republican National Convention's PoliticalFest 2000 Rebels With A Vision Exhibit  in Philadelphia's Convention Hall 

Primary Source exhibits are available for display in your community. The costs range from $1,000 to $25,000 depending on length of time on loan and the rarity of artifacts chosen.

Dr. Naomi Yavneh Klos hosting the Louisiana Primary Source Exhibit at the State Capitol Building for the 2012 Bicentennial Celebration.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, 70115

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